Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fraction Fun-HOMEWORK tonight!

Race to a WHOLE

"Showdown at the Fraction Corral"


Directions: Post your answer as a comment and identify yourself with your class number to receive your grade. (I will post an example for you to refer to.)

A) If you were a fraction, which one would you be and why?

B)Name ONE fraction that is EQUIVALENT to yours.


  1. A) I would choose to be 2/8, because this is the PERFECT amount of pizza for a hungry 3rd grade tummy!

    B) An equivelant fraction to 2/8 is 1/4.

  2. I would be 10/10 because when I get pizza,I eat the whole thing.

    A number EQUIVELENT fraction to myn is 100/100.

  3. a}I would be 16/16 because I sold 16/16 boxes of toys

    An equal fraction of 16/16 is8/8

  4. A)I would like to be 3/9 because candy for me and my sisters would end up with an equal amount.

    B)An equivalent fraction would be 1/3 because it is a third of the total.

  5. A)I would be 2/4 because thats how many books I have.

    B) 1/2 would be equivelant to 2/4.

  6. A]I would have 5/10 because that is a number my friend is in soccer.

    b]An equivalent fraction is 1/2 because it is half.

  7. i would be 3/6 because i eat 3 out of 6 bread stix from pizza hut.
    1/2 is equuivelant because they are both one half.

  8. A)I would have 12/12 because I want to eat a whole hershey's chocolate bar.

    B)16/16 is an equivalent fraction to 12/12

  9. A-I whant to be a 1 whole because 1 whole of a donut may fill me up but 5 wholes will fill me up.

    B-1 whole is the same as 4/4

  10. A) I would be 1 whole because I would want to go ice skating for 1 whole day.

    B) the equivalent fraction can be 4/4 or any number divided by itself

  11. i would be 5/10 because thoes are my favorit number

    my eauivalent fraction is 1/2

  12. A) I would be 20/20 because that is how much scoops of ice cream I would want

    B)20/20 is equal to 10/10

  13. #4 I would be 6/6 because 6 is my favorite number.
    6/6 is equivlent to 1/1

  14. I would be 8/10 because if someone gave 8/10 of their money,I would get a lot of money

    I could also say 4/5

  15. A. If I was a fraction I would like to be 1/2 because I like to be cut in half.

    B. 6/12 is equal to 1/2.

  16. A: I would be 2/7 because that's how many continents I have been to and how many I can think of right now.

    B:another fraction for 2/7 is 4/14.

  17. A)I would be 2/7 because that is how many continentsI have been to.

    B)Another fraction for2/7 is 4/14.

  18. I would like to eat 8/8 of the pizza because I like pizza alot.a)

    An equivalent fraction to 8/8 is 1/1.b)

    from #17