Thursday, October 1, 2009


Listen to our podcast created by two of our very own students to find out what the latest "SPEEDWAY" in Science is all about!!

Spring Scale Measurements

Race Car Measurement


  1. Students,

    Your homework for this weekend on our blog:

    1) Vote in our poll!

    2) Post a comment about our most recent science experiments by sharing one thing you learned in class!

  2. Hi! This is Kennedy speaking. I really enjoyed all of the science so far including Force and Motion. I also loved having pictures on OUR blog. Thanks!!

  3. I learned that almost everything is a push or a pull.

  4. In science we made ramps and we raced raced toy
    cars on the ramps.I learned that when we made the ramps taller the toy cars went faster and farther than when the ramp was smaller.

  5. I learned that when we raised the height of the ramp, the cars went faster.

    Will O.

  6. #14
    I learned in science that the steeper a ramp is the further a toy car will drive.